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June 6, 2013

Whoa, Bessie.

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I don’t know who Bessie is. Wait. I do. In “Philadelphia Story” George, the pretentious fiancee, says, “Whoa, Bessie,” to the horse he’s trying (failing) to ride. Over and over. Then he tells Dinah, the hilarious little sister, that he doesn’t know what’s gotten in to Bessie this morning. And she replies something about “maybe because his name is Jack.”

Perhaps I’m riding the wrong horse?

Nah. I’m good. Bessie and I are getting along fine over here. Life’s just riding away out from under us, if you know what I mean.

NO MORE METAPHORS. I promise. At least for a minute.

We are having a lovely, busy time. And it’s good. And I had a 400 word goal today, and I passed it. And I want to get to some more of that later today, if family goodness doesn’t get in the way. Because family goodness is the priority. Kids 2 and 3 are at girls’ camp. I plan to tackle Kid 3’s room. I’ve let it go way, way too long, and I’m going in. Kid 4 is daunted by this plan. He fails to see the family goodness in my cleaning his sister’s room plan. Fair enough. Maybe I’ll take him to the rope swing this afternoon.

Life happens and I like it that way. But I need to make sure I’m watching, and happening too.

January 22, 2013

Back to Work

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So after the most lovely and relaxing 4-day weekend, I’m back at it this morning. Off to school in ten minutes. And I managed to get myself out of the bed early enough to have fifteen minutes of writing time. Fifteen minutes in which words tumbled.

They were words, and that’s what matters now.

But also, there were a couple of lovely ones in there. And they took up space in a document that is growing (very slightly) larger daily. Even a couple of hundred words at a time are a couple of hundred more than there were yesterday.

And that’s goodness, don’tchaknow.

July 13, 2012

Stuff Again

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A reason to love my husband: He knows what to do when a replacement modem shows up on the doorstep. Viola! Internets. Rah!

I was doing a HUGE shopping trip today at Costco to prepare for church girls’ camp next week. Like 3 baskets full, big, HUGE trip. A lovely older couple (white hair and happy wrinkles) stopped and asked what we were shopping for, and then wished us luck. After a minute, the gentleman came back and said, “Do you know what Luck is?” I asked him what. He quoted Vince Lombardi, which I can’t probably do, but it was something like this: “Luck is the residue of careful planning.” I showed that sweet man my list (tracking sheet), and he said, “Good luck,” with an understanding and confident nod. I sort of wanted to bring him home forever.

Chicken salad sandwiches. On croissant. For a girl who thinks mayonnaise is icky, that there is some pretty great food.

DeNae posted a beautiful, funny, lovely story today. Maybe you should read it. 

It’s Friday the 13th, and I don’t care.

INSANITY. The workout. I’m 5 days in. And still walking up and down the stairs on my own power. Muscles are growing. Then I hope thighs and arms will start shrinking. Husband’s arms are exploding. That guy grows biceps really fast. I like arms. Mostly his.

Life without internets is not the same life I love to live every day. I’m not addicted. I just like the internet like I like oxygen and water.

I got to teach two different teen writer’s classes this week. My visit to the U of U teen writers’ camp was lovely and delightful, and Allie, Ellie, Alex and Hayden were VERY BRAVE and put their work up for us all to read. I love writer kids. And our Wasatch County Library teen writer day was a blast. Such darling, lovely kids. All girls this time, including 2 of my very favorites. Sometimes known as 1 and 2.

It is trying very hard to rain today. I hope it succeeds. Fires are bumming me out, if you want to know the truth. In fact, wouldn’t it be funny (the ironic kind of funny) if it rained all next week while I’m up on top of the mountain for camp? Hahahaha. That would be ironic-hilarious. It would.

Kid 2 is now firmly devoted to Kneaders’ Raspberry Bread Pudding. Send it her way, apparently.

My flower baskets hanging from the porch are lovely and thriving. It’s a tiny miracle in my life, and I like it.

Kid 3 is rereading the Harry Potter books. She started 2 days ago. She has finished 2 books. Also done some chores, showered, and visited the Rope Swing. That girl loves Harry like her mama loves Harry.

Okay. Here’s hoping next time I come around here, I’ll have something brilliant to say.

No guarantees.

March 23, 2011

And, in other news…

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* Kid 1 hates to drive, apparently. I thought it was just hating to drive with her Dad, but it seems that she’d be happy to never, ever get behind a wheel. Hm.

* I made banana and apple muffin batter this morning. For the next few breakfasts. (That’s banana muffins. And then apple muffins. Lest we get carried away and try banana apple muffins. Which we will not.)

* 1,000 words a day so far this week. Take that, laziness gene.

* The teacher I’m subbing for tomorrow left me a message with his parking stall number (and general directions on how to find it – by the pine tree and the light pole). Isn’t that thoughtful? I thought so.

* The lovely and talented Josi Kilpack was in my town yesterday. We had a fun couple of hours together “not-shopping” because, you know, we’re not really shoppers, and eating frozen yogurt that tasted very much like ice cream. And those pink and white Mother’s brand frosted animal cookies. Big yum.

* I can make chicken enchiladas without using either cream-of-something soup or flour tortillas. Want me to prove it? Come on over for dinner. But, hey – call first, will you? Because between muffin making and enchilada making and 1,000 words a day and a lot of clean laundry, the house is less than pristine. (Less than Pristine would be a good band name. Also, it’s the Understatement that Ate Chicago. Which, likewise, would be an excellent band name.)

* New favorite exercise program: Just Dance 2 on the wii, with Kids 3 and 4, between the end of the piano practicing and time to leave for school. Also, I kicked their chicken. Yup. That’s right. This girl without a sense of grace or balance WON EVERY SONG. End of gloat.

* It was my MIL’s birthday yesterday. I love my MIL, remember that? She got an iPad. Because she wanted one, and my BIL is the king of great gifts. And I loved the thought of her, taking it easy, kicking back on the couch, feet up and iPad in hand. Isn’t that a great image?

* And speaking of iPads, the Apple company is taking their returns pretty seriously (as I imagine most companies do) and Husband sent me this article yesterday, which tells the story that a man brought his brand new iPad 2 ¬†back to the shop, the customer service peeps asked him why he returned it, he told them, and then they put a sticky note on it that said, “Wife said No.” Which make the store guys laugh, natch. And the story ran around Apple until it reached a couple of VPs, who put another sticky note on a new iPad and mailed it to the guy. New note? “Apple said Yes.” Um, why didn’t we think of that?

* Also? I just accidentally found a long-lost friend. On Facebook, of all things. (Yes, I’m aware that this is why we HAVE Facebook, but it rarely works this way for me, and today I am glad.)

* The snow pile in front of our house (the one on the street, that the plow man pushes there) has melted to the size of a medium-sized dog. A little over a week ago, it could hide a car. In related news, I can see many tulip tips poking up out of the ground. Come on, Spring. You can do it.

* Okay, then. Time for another thousand words.

December 28, 2009

Justifying the Lazy

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Once upon a time*, Husband made great hamburgers for dinner**. Yum. I prefer mine bunless (saving my calories for buttered popcorn, you know) and I finished first. So like a polite and well-adjusted person I went to rinse and stack my plate.

I managed to kick Husband’s chair*** and say only “owie-owie,” as opposed to the many fine blue words bouncing in my head. I walked it off. It didn’t feel better. I put ice on it. I elevated. I sat around. I watched it swell. Right around the weird, hard bump. That was a bone.
Yup. I broke my toe.
Awesome, right?
I’ve had worse timing in my life, because there’s no need for me to, say, drive anywhere in the next few days. But walking? Hurts. Sleeping? Also. Sitting around? Ditto. Plus, I’ve been really, really good about working out in the past week. I’m talking an hour at a time on the elliptical. That’s over for a minute. The one bonus? The cute and generous BIL and SIL gave us wii-Fit for Christmas, and I didn’t fight the Kids for a turn (because I know they’ll tire of it by the time they go back to school, and it will be all mine) and now when I feel all better, no small cartoon man will berate me for my long lazy-stretch. Because, really, how do you justify the broken toe to the cartoon trainer?

* Saturday
**He often does this. He prefers to do it when it’s positive degrees outside, but he’ll agree to do it whenever I buy meat and buns.
***This was not pent-up agression. Just random stupidity.

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