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March 15, 2010


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Does it feel like Thursday was a long time ago to anyone else? Yikes. And I’ve been Momming and Playing so much that I haven’t written a thing. Not a blog post, barely an email. Certainly no revisions. So all my big plans of submitting? They’ve gone the way of the… well, whatever. Gone, anyway. No submitting, at least not this month.

But that’s okay. It IS. Because submitting by the calendar is a great idea, but only if your work is ready. Which mine is not. If I were a baker, my work would still be dough. Were I a tailor, there would be no hems, and my dress full of pins. A filmmaker? Lots of footage, but far, far from locked picture.

Sorry. I know. It’s been a long time.

And there was stress here this weekend. And also strep. Not me, though. I’m still in voice for OPENING WEEK of JOSEPH. I know. I was really concerned last week, seeing as we had not actually learned all the songs and dances. (Not so worried about the songs. I know the songs. Dancing? Not my forte. Really. Stop laughing, brothers who read my blog. See? They know.) But we’re costumed (basically) and ready around here, so bring on opening night. (That’s Thursday. If I suddenly drop off the face of the blogosphere, you’ll know why.)

Does anyone else wonder why the word “strep” comes up misspelled, but “blogosphere” is fine? Yeah. Me, too.

On the literary front (stop laughing, brothers. I mean it.) MRRO is getting fun reviews and lots of blog-time. There’s another week to enter to win a copy over at Bloggin’ ‘Bout Books, so go get signed up. Or don’t. But it’s only fair if I tell you all about it.

Also, it was my little brother’s birthday yesterday, and I forgot to call. Is he still my little brother if he turned 34? Yup. And do you want to hear a cute thing from my kidhood? Here it is: His birthday, like I just told you, was March 14th. And my half-birthday was (and is) March 15th. And seeing as at the point in my kidhood we are discussing, there were only 3 kids in our family (as opposed to the 10 that we had a little later), there was always half a birthday cake left over for my half-birthday. And my Mom always made just enough of a big deal about it that I was pretty sure that I was special. I know, right? She was pretty awesome.

So happy half birthday to me. Now I must go and practice that one part I always mess up. Yes. THAT one.


March 8, 2010


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Hey, kids – a new interview appears today here, at Bloggin ‘Bout Books. And not only am I charming in the interview (you never doubted, did you?), she’s giving away a FREE BOOK! I know. Just what we need for a Monday morning.

So run over and check it out, enter to win a book (because if you already have one, you probably need one to give as a gift, right?) and bookmark her site, because she does lots of great reviews, and she rates the books as though they were movies, which I have always thought is a great idea.

Go! Go! I need to get to work revising.

Happy Monday!

March 5, 2010

Nice Review, Baby

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Another sweet review ran in Teens Read Too this week. (Click here to see it.) These girls are awesome, reading and reviewing tons of books. Keep your eyes open, because I’ve just finished a Terribly Charming interview with them. (I know. You can hardly wait.)

In other news, the seven inches of new snow this morning did not cause me to commit any irreversible acts of vandalism, profanity, or binge eating. Instead, Kid 4 and I went swimming. (Inside, duh.)

And with that, I wish you a happy weekend full of blossoms (if you’re lucky) or hot chocolate (see? Still lucky) or musical theater (if you’re me).

February 25, 2010

About Name-Dropping and Book Blurbs

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So I’m having a problem.

What? You’re not surprised?

Here it is. My publisher has been doing a good job of getting word out about MRRO, getting me lots of blog interviews and having the book listed on lots of buying sites. The problem is the blurb.

It mentions Mr. Darcy.

Why is that a problem? Because the book, well, doesn’t.

Sarah has a compulsion about romance novels. But not the Jane Austen kind. Not the, um, legitimate kind. The other kind. The busty maidens and pec-heavy pirates. She has sort of built an expectation for her world out of the pages of that kind of book. And it’s funny.* But the blurb says “Mr. Darcy” and so people are responding to That. To Mr. Darcy. Who doesn’t make a single appearance in the book.

In fact, at one point during our round of Titling conversations, my editor suggested the title, “Wanted: Romance, Jane Austen Style” to which I responded, “it’s so cute. I’ll be back after I rewrite the entire book.” This blurb may be left over from that epoch, but it feels wrong. I feel like I’m trading on Miss Jane’s name. Do you see what I mean?

So here’s the scoop. It’s a funny book. A romantic comedy. About a slightly crazy girl taking a chance and recognizing her worth. there is hotness (though not Darcy-related hotness. Just Bennish hotness – his name is Ben) and some pretty good kissing, if I do say so myself. I hope you will love it. It still makes me laugh (especially her inter-brain discussions) and I hope it makes you laugh. But it’s not about Darcy, because Miss Jane already did that, and nobody matches her brilliance. So pick it up because you love me, or because you love the cover, or because it’s short and you don’t have time for a long read. Or because my cousins are discussing it on Facebook. Or because you read one of the great reviews that have been sprinkled around blogland. But just not because you’re looking for a Jane Austen spinoff. Because I want you to lurve the book, and not be disappointed.

Because I lurve you.

You know.

*Feel free to disagree, you know, nicely.

February 15, 2010


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MRRO is reviewed here, at Bloggin’ ‘Bout Books. Go check it out!

December 31, 2009

And The Winner Is…

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MATT! Kid 2 did the drawing (and I only put his name in once, even though he commented twice, because we’re all about fairness around here) and Matt, you are the winner.

I will get a copy of RRO out to you in the mail as soon as you email me with your address. (that’s becca (at sign) whisperingvoice (dot) com)
And for the rest of you? Here’s a little excerpt for your reading pleasure.

“You,” she says, pointing her straw at my face, “are an idiot. One of these days, young lady, you are going to have to learn to believe that you’re good enough.” She looks like my mom when she says that. Like she’s humoring me into something. Like she has some stash of Great Wisdom that someday, if I’m extremely lucky, I may get to glimpse. That is so annoying.

Okay, there you have it. So happy New Year, everyone!


December 29, 2009

Holding the Happy

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Hey, guess what? I’ve got something to tell you… I received a small box of small books. Really pretty books with a cute swoony redhead on the cover. And also on the cover? My name. Right down there in the lower right corner.

And I discovered something about myself, about how I work. Something about my M.O., my style, my heart. I am a giver-away-er. I want to give a book to everyone I know. Also strangers. And Libraries. And set them in public places, like waiting rooms and bus stops and grocery lines.
Husband laughs.
I laugh, too, because I know it’s silly to give away all the twenty books Mr. Publisher gave me.*
I want to give one. Just one. Here’s the deal. You leave me a comment, telling me either:
1. The best book you’ve ever read that’s a romance but not a Romance, if you know what I mean, or
2. Your most embarrassing slip-up regarding a “person of interest” of the opposite gender, or
3. Who you will share “My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions” with (after you read it) if you win a copy (bonus points if they blog)**
Easy, right? I’ll choose a random winner on, um, let’s see… Thursday morning. Yes, dear, I know that’s a holiday. But I’ll be home, and you can check in anytime. Please don’t let me disturb your busy social schedule.
As for softening your despair if you aren’t the random winner… I hear rumors. See, this book is published by Shadow Mountain, who is owned by Deseret Book. So even though the official release date is March 4th or something (I only know that because in a fit of insanity I checked on Barnes&Noble’s website), books are being spotted at Deseret Book stores near you.*** And if I were less lazy, I’d go check the Shadow Mountain website to see if you can order online. Oh, all right. Hold on, please.
(Hm, hm, hm….****)
Yeah, okay. Maybe not online yet. But soon. Soon, I tell you! (as far as I know)
OH, YEAH – also, my toe is mending. Thank you. I can sleep. I can breathe in and out. I can hobble. I have to put on shoes later this morning. Pray for me.
So have a happy day, please. And if you want to be a winner, just know that you already are, in my book. But not necessarily OF my book. You know what I mean.

*There aren’t twenty left. Because… well, haven’t you heard what I’ve been saying?
**That is a lie. This will be random. Because I’m feeling sort of random, you know?
***I mean, if you live near a Deseret Book Store. You understand.
***That’s your hold music. Hope you enjoyed it.

December 23, 2009

How Publishing Is Like Giving Birth. And Also Not.

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Like: There’s this beautiful new thing, and I want everyone to see it.

Not Like: I invite a whole lot more people to come around at delivery when it’s a book.
Like: There’s that gasp of surprise and delight to see it whole and shiny.

Not Like: Much less mess.
Like: I find myself telling people all kinds of details they SO don’t care about.

Not Like: Nobody really even pretends to be interested*.
Like: I just know someday, someone is going to say mean things about it. And it will hurt.

Not Like: I don’t have to listen to critics. I can pretend they don’t exist. (But bullies are real. Forever.)
Like: There will be mistakes, and I might be embarrassed.

Not Like: They’re all MY mistakes. (Worse, right?)
Like: I love this new thing.

Not Like: It doesn’t need me – my work is done.
Like: It still keeps me up at night.

Not Like: I can’t rock it back to sleep.
Like: I find myself in there, when I peer. (Does anyone else love that word? Peer. Try it. Peer. Mmm.)

Not Like: Chances aren’t good that it will take care of me when I’m old.

*This is a complete lie. Everyone is interested. Or pretending to be. And that is fun, fun.
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