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I went to the world’s best [*] writing conference this weekend. There were many, many reasons to be joyful. I got to be with writer friends. Some of these are my most precious people I see only once a year. Some of these are my very favorite people that I get to see now and […]

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It’s Revision time. I know some writers hate revisions, but I love them. In theory, it’s like doing a critique on a book you already love. I’m hoping reality will be as good! Husband told me I’ve neglected to say much about The New One being published by Shadow Mountain. Here’s what I know. It’s […]

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Write for Yourself

I hear a lot of chatter about Writing for Yourself as opposed to Writing for The Market, or Writing for Publication. And when I hear that, I think, “Well, that’s just silly.” Because who doesn’t want to be published? Isn’t that why we’re doing this? Sitting at our computer desks (or lying on the floor, […]

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