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February 16, 2014

A Proud-Making Moment

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My 10-year-old son just finished reading THE BOOK THIEF. He worked on it for several days, but it’s literacy month at his elementary school, so he’s got loads of external push for reading a bunch of minutes. Today he spent two and a half hours finishing it, and when he was done, he walked down the stairs, sighed a great 10-year-old sigh, said, “That was so good,” and climbed into my lap for a hug. I didn’t mention his flushed cheeks or the redness of his eyes. I told him “I know.” Because I do know. That is a brilliant piece of writing — a heart-filled work of art.

Tomorrow we will go to the Dollar Movies and watch the film adaptation. I’ll have the discussion about “different art forms” three or four more times, but I know it won’t change the disappointment he and his sisters will feel. They come from a line of people who feel personally offended by any change to favorite works of literature. Some of us grow out of it. Some of us don’t. Some of us slip in and out of the two camps — wishing things could be made visual in the precise way they play out in our heads for one story; being satisfied with a different vision for others. [1]

In any case, it makes me proud that he would tackle that book — all 550 pages, and that his heart is large enough to feel all the feels that go with it.


[1] For instance, I may never forgive the terrible adaptation of Kate DiCamillo’s brilliant DESPEREAUX; but I’d watch the film of HOLES over and over. (But, HOLES is really, really true to the book, thanks to Mr. Sachar’s screenwriting abilities; so, there you go.)

June 29, 2013


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Man of Steel.

I saw him. It. I saw it.

Husband “warned” me that there was some theoretical hotness. He doesn’t actually feel qualified to measure such things, but said there may be some shirtlessness and so forth. I explained to him (again) that for me, beautiful men on screen are just an exercise in Art Appreciation. I look, I enjoy, I may even comment. Art appreciation. That is what we have.

And I was appreciating some Superman art today.


(Did anyone else notice certain scenes in which Henry Cavill looks a lot like Christopher Reeve? I’m sure that was on purpose. Or a young, hotter-than-actual-history John Travolta? I think it’s the chin.)

I prefer the beard (which is totally out of character for me) and the messy hair (which is precisely up my alley).

Oh, and the movie was pretty good, too. Very non-subtle Christianity themes (win!). And lucky Superman getting Russell Crowe as Space Dad and Kevin Costner (on a farm! where his acting is nearly believable!) as Earth Dad. But way violent. Too much violent for my taste — exhausting fighting from my leaned-back theatre seat. Amy Adams was cute and perky and somehow believable as Lois. And hey — Lois worked as a name. Also, they told the story backward, which was a cool choice. I loved the end. A whole lot. (It wasn’t a surprise ending at all, just a perfect one for me.)

Also, did I mention? Throb.

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