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Post # 250. No Kidding.

In honor of the fact that this is my 250th post, I am absolutely not going to tell you 250 possibly interesting (or possibly not) things. I am not going to give away 250 random items I have sitting around my house. I am not going to spam 250 people and ask them to read […]

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“After reading a couple hundred of those books, you know, hypothetically speaking, you start to see that there’s not that much difference between a romance and an epic fantasy. You’ve got your quest, sometimes involving a ring, and your hero who will stop at nothing to do what he has to.” – RRO

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The Mojo Has Returned

Remember how I love writing? I think I forgot for a while. But waking at 5.30 to knock out a few hundred words used to be a thrill for me. There’s nothing like crossing off a major list item before the kids are even moving. It makes me feel like super-lady. Femme Fabulosa. Woman Extraordinaire. […]

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