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October 2, 2010

Review/Revision time.

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It’s time to re-read the Ivie novel. So, naturally, all I want to do is write another story.

Actually, that’s not so natural for me. Usually I’d want to take a long nap, and then eat a great deal of buttered something, and then take a few weeks off to let Ivie percolate, as though she were some kind of coffee. But now, I have Novel Ideas skittering around in my head, snickering at me about how much fun they will be when I let them come out and play.

Sounds like something a Real Writer would say, doesn’t it?



Oh, is anyone interested in a mini-excerpt from the Ivie novel?


All righty, then. Here you go:

“Just pretend I’m her, whoever she is, and look at me when you talk to me.”

“I do look at you when I talk to you.”

“No, you look at my fries to see if I’m going to offer you one. You look at the TV. You look at your phone. Right now you’re looking at yourself in the mirror.”



December 31, 2009

And The Winner Is…

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MATT! Kid 2 did the drawing (and I only put his name in once, even though he commented twice, because we’re all about fairness around here) and Matt, you are the winner.

I will get a copy of RRO out to you in the mail as soon as you email me with your address. (that’s becca (at sign) whisperingvoice (dot) com)
And for the rest of you? Here’s a little excerpt for your reading pleasure.

“You,” she says, pointing her straw at my face, “are an idiot. One of these days, young lady, you are going to have to learn to believe that you’re good enough.” She looks like my mom when she says that. Like she’s humoring me into something. Like she has some stash of Great Wisdom that someday, if I’m extremely lucky, I may get to glimpse. That is so annoying.

Okay, there you have it. So happy New Year, everyone!


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