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March 9, 2014

Sweet News

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So my Kid 2 is pretty awesome. This is not a surprise to anyone who knows her, or who’s hung around much here. But this week, she even surprised me. See, there’s this club at school, FBLA (which stands for Future Business Leaders of America, as you may know), that she joined in the fall because they had pizza parties and being a member looks good on a resume and a college application. Last week there was a state FBLA competition, and she told me a month ago that she wanted to compete.

I wasn’t sure how much this had to do with the opportunity to compete in a state event and how much it had to do with the opportunity to go away for a few days and stay in a hotel with a room full of friends (but I could guess).

So she made a Public Service Announcement. And she took some exams and she did a few tests at the state competition. And she laughed about the tests on Economics, since she’s never, ever studied anything much related to economics. And she said, “My commercial went pretty well,” about her PSA and presentation. And then her PSA won first place. In the state. Out of all the kids who have made an ad for the competition.

First place.

Want to see it?

The Award-Winning PSA

(Just click on that link. Then type in “katie” as the password. Because [spoiler] Kid 2’s name is Katie.)

(She’s the one on her phone when the starting gun fires.)

(She’s cute, right?)

She wrote, directed, casted, and edited that piece. She chose the music, and she made it happen. Her dad helped by filming, and taught her the editing program (and exercised a lot of patience). We’re all kinds of proud of her around here.

August 20, 2013

On blogging and plans.

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I was thinking  about posting on this here blog this morning. I really was. Planning it, even. It was a clever post detailing my underwhelming admiration of Ryan Gosling, and about how whenever I see one if those “Hey, Girl” memes I just see the scrawny, awkward Ryan Gosling from “REMEMBER THE TITANS” — remember him? With his super-bleached hair and his country dancing moves? My feelings are so maternal that it’s almost embarrassing to watch 40-year-old women swoon. Know what I mean?

Anyway, in place of the “I’m too old for Gosling” business, I give you an evening at 4th grade tackle football practice. Oh, the nearly unbearable cuteness. I’m sitting on the grass in the sprinkling rain (protecting my phone and ignoring my hair, if you’re wondering) and witnessing adorability. Plant, pivot, over the shoulder. Guys, it’s choreography. In full pads and helmets. And we all know how I feel about choreography. And I didn’t even get to the part about the pants. Oh, the pants. Nearly painful cuteness. Dads on the sidelines watch their boys line up, arms crossed, trying not to burst with pride. I love football. Happy fall.

October 20, 2012

Annnnd, it’s been another week!

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Hi, kids. I’m still here. Life is happening. And we love life when it happens.

Les Miserables opened at my Kids’ high school last night.

Look! She screams!

Remember that my Kid 1 played Eponine, the world’s best role for a teenage girl?[1] It was awesome. (Unless you didn’t wanted to hear the orchestra director counting through his microphone, or unless you minded the 7-year-old kid running full-voice commentary in the seat behind me: “IS SHE DEAD? DID HE JUST SHOOT THAT KID? IS THAT HIS REAL HAIR? DID SHE DIE, TOO?” or unless you wanted all the actors’ mics to work all the time, or unless you noticed many technical thingies which did NOT include my Kid 1’s mic being turned on for all but one of her entrances, hooray.) It was lovely and stirring and heart-touching. Kid 1’s Uncle A said, “I have never shed a tear at a high school musical before today.” And she was pleased by that. And he was not the only one teary, by a long, long shot.

Bring me home...

Her Uncle N and Aunt C brought flowers from Grandma and Grandpa who can’t make it, and they were beautiful. So were the flowers. And Aunt C told Kid 1 she didn’t actually buy the “boy costume” bit, because Kid 1 was just too pretty. [1.5]

Considering the rival football game happening 20 minutes away, there was a pretty good crowd. And considering that I only managed to oversell about 10 premier seats [2] and anger 6 patrons, it was a glad crowd. 

I got to teach lots of days this week. Including a day in Kid 3’s sixth grade class. I love Kid 3’s sixth grade class. And here’s one tiny reason why: She has a small part in the above-mentioned show: she plays Little Eponine, who doesn’t have a line and sands on stage in a”little blue hat” for about 30 seconds. She couldn’t possibly be more thrilled. [3] As I was standing in the lobby before the show, 3 of her classmates ran over and gave hugs and said how happy they were to come and see her debut. And then I saw more of them, with parents, who came, too. Maybe there were more who I didn’t see. But Izzy and Kenadee and Wyatt and Claire and Abe, you guys are awesome.

There is more life happening. Stay tuned and stuff.

[1] Whatever. Any girl. I’d take the role in a single heartbeat. If only.

[1.5] Eponine dresses as a boy to deliver the letter written by the boy she loves to the girl he loves. Just go see it, okay?

[2] I’m Box Office Mama and the buck, as they say, stops here.

[3] I was working the box office one day this afternoon while they were rehearsing, and Kid 3 came to slide a mini Kit-Kat through the window. I asked her where she got it. “Pretty much the whole cast thinks I’m adorable, and they keep giving me candy,” she said with a shrug. Life is SO good.

Also, as a note, all these kids have had their parents sign an image release, so I’m all legal to post their photos. So here are some more.

Fantine dreamed a dream

The light. Is so good. So very, very good.

Another? Oh, all right then.

July 24, 2012

Overheard, Vacation Style

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I went to wake up Kid 1 to do Insanity this morning. (Yes. Really.) I knocked on her vacation-rental-bedroom in the cabin in the woods. I sat down on her Very Squeaky Mattress and said, “Good morning. I hope you had a good sleep. Let’s get up and exercise.”

She said, “I named my bed.”


“I named my bed last night. Do you want to know what?” She asked. As she rolled over, her mattress gave another almighty squeak.

“Of course I do.”


That’s my girl.

June 12, 2012

Kiss Off

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Lookie here. It’s a new video. My family helped make it. Mostly Husband, who wrote, directed, produced, semi-edited, and sweat some blood over it. Also Kids 1, 2, and 3, one of whom is visible. (Mostly I wrangled preadolescent young ladies, showing them my entire repertoire of Skills: Cartwheels, Ninja Fighting, and three jokes, none of which translate to print.)

Guys, I’m trying to embed. But that goes beyond my skill set. However, I CAN link. And so, I will. Here it is:

The Great Kiss Off

It will take you to the CleanShorts channel, where you will find exactly one video. Today. But go watch it, if you want. If it makes you laugh, tell a friend. Then we’ll talk Husband into making a few (dozen) more of these things. Because it’s fun.

(The credits are my favorite. I go around singing that song all the time. Ba da da da. Da, da, da.)

May 14, 2012

Bring the Monday

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Yesterday when we got to church, I looked up on the stand and saw my 10-year-old Kid 3 sitting there, grinning at me. In our church, people are asked or assigned to speak on Sundays, but they don’t use little kids except one day a year. And then they use all of them. But there sat my Kid, with 5 other young people (13+), on the stand ready to speak.

I looked at Kid 1. “Tell me you wrote her talk.”


Kid 2? “Did you help her?”

She shook her head with a little laugh.

Husband sat down beside me. “Please. Tell me you helped her.”

He shrugged. “A little. A very little.”

Deep breath. Smile at Kid 3. Say a fervent prayer.

Here is her talk, unedited by me, and apparently only “green yogurt” added by her dad.

Today I am supposed to talk about my mom. My mom is a great role model to me; I always want to be like her. She lives the gospel, so, naturally, I want to as well. She helped me decide that I want to be a mom when I grow up. I am so glad that she is a good example to me. She has helped me grasp what is really important, like wants vs. needs, or choosing church over sleeping in (today, as you can see, I chose the right). Later, after she helps me make these choices, I realize that these are good choices that will benefit me later on.

My mom is good at being nice, even when she messes up. Like the time she made skor cake and tres leches cake and put the skor bars on the tres leches cake and made a joke out of it (she is a cake ninja).

My mom is good at being funny. One time when we went to the zoo for my kindergarten field trip, and she made a girl laugh so hard that yogurt squirted out of her nose. The sad thing about it is it was key lime pie yogurt, which is green.

My mom is good at quoting movie lines. We have a game called ‘the movie line game’ and she knows the answer every time.

My mom is good at making popcorn. Every Sunday we have ‘popcorn Sunday’. Most people think there is only one flavour of popcorn, but I can list a few. There is ranch, Italian, burnt butter, and many combos. Every Sunday it is like a whole new popcorn experience, all buttery and delicious.

My mom is good at handling lots of things at the same time. Well, most of the time. One time when she was driving Matt to school, she drove him all the way to the front door… of the high school. Matt is eight years old, and has not yet graduated elementary school.

My mom is good at maintaining a low temper level, even being married to my father, I have no clue how she does it. My mom is good at loving us, even when we are not the best. I could tell you stories of us not being our best, but I’ll leave that to your imagination. And my mom is good at loving the gospel. About every week, she goes to the church at 7 am, just to fulfill her callings. She is always (well, not always) reading her scriptures, she makes sure we have some sort of family night each week, and she taught us ALL (including Dad) how to forgive. The best way you can tell she is loving, not just living the gospel, is how she treats others, or how she quietly serves. We all have nice things to say about our mothers, that is why we celebrate mother’s day on the 2nd Sunday of every May. Mother’s day is the time when we show our moms we love them all day, even though they show us they love us every single day of the year. I want to take this opportunity to tell my mom how much I love her. Thank you, mom, and happy mother’s day!


Um, yes. She’s cute. And if you could have heard her delivery, you would have fallen instantly and irredeemably in love.


February 8, 2012

Guys, My Sarah. Sarah, My Guys.

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We have a winner. Congratulations, HEIDI.
(Fear not. More swag to come. All. Month. Long.)


Good morning, everyone. It is single-digit cold around here, so I’m bringing you something to warm your sweet little hearts. Introducing, my Sarah. My Sarah is actually my brother’s Sarah, but I like her, too. And look what she has brought along for us today:

Sarah, take it. (My comments in italics, just so you know which of us is Sincere and which of us is ME.)

I love using felt to create unexpected things, like this little happy heart pin! So, here’s my quick little tutorial for the felt happy heart pin project — I’m sure you’ll love it! 😉 (Okay, really? I’m already happy. I mean, LOOK at it.)

Here’s what you’ll need:

Scrap of felt — whatever color you’d like (mine is hot pink!)
Embroidery floss to match (not shown) and in black
Pin back
Cotton Ball (Okay, here’s the one thing on this list that I actually have on hand. Maybe, maybe I could find a pair of scissors if I went looking under beds.)

First you fold your felt in half and cut out a heart shape, about 1.5″ wide and tall. You can use a template if you’d like, but I just free-handed mine! (You do NOT want to see what happens when I try to freehand a heart. Trust me.)

Next, sew the pin back on to one of the hearts.

Embroider a happy little face on the other heart using the black thread. I used two french knots for the eyes and a V-stitch for the mouth. (French knots. How European and Beyond Me.)

Next, put the two hearts together with the right sides facing OUT. Using the matching floss, sew the hearts together using a blanket stitch… make sure you leave a little opening to stuff the heart before finishing it up! (I pulled the cotton ball apart and stuffed the heart with the little bits.) (See, guys, this is why we keep Sarah around. She knows things like Blanket Stitches and Right Side Out.)

Sew up the rest of the heart, fasten off the thread and pull it through the back, trimming if needed.


(I know, right? How cute is that?)

Wear your happy little heart on your sleeve with pride… or give it to someone special! 😉 (And because she’s modest and humble, Sarah didn’t show her whole self. But guys, doesn’t she have the prettiest mouth? She’s so lovely, Sigh.)

(Look. A signature. I gotta get me one of those.)

OKAY. Me again. On to the PRIZE portion of our post. Remember these? The beautiful handpainted cards? Want them? Do you? I do. But I’m somehow ineligible to win the prizes I’m giving away. Or something. Whatever. You can win them! You can! If you have an address in the USA or Canada. Leave a comment. Cross your fingers for luck. Then on Friday night I’ll do the random-winner business, and on Saturday I’ll let you know who you are. If you already know who you are, you’re way, way ahead of the game.

Thank you, Sarah, for the adorable guest post. Thank you for sharing one or two or three of your copious talents. Want more Sarah? Stop by her blog or her etsy shop any time. She’s left the light on for you.

October 20, 2011

Look. More History.

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My Uncle R. sent me this photo. He is the family historian I’ve mentioned before. And he has a great deal of patience to find and deliver pieces of history. Like this one.

This is my big brother. See how he’s cute? Yeah, still. But more old. And hairy. Just saying.

See how he’s probably got food in his mouth? Yeah, still. The man knows good food. It’s one of his best talents.

See how he’s the funny one? Yeah, still. And yeah, he still laughs at his own comedy. But he should. It’s funny.

See how I’m kind of reveling in the “I’m so proud of my big brother?” Yeah, still. He’s pretty awesome.

See how I’ve always struggled with clothing issues and awkward hair? Yeah — I’m working on it. “The Seventies” are no longer a valid excuse. Darn it.

See how I just might be planning something? Yeah. Still. That happens sometimes. It’s no longer quite so cute. But it does still happen.

See how we’re snuggled together in a large leather chair, with perfect lighting and an aura of happy childhood? That’s not exactly where we are anymore. I don’t have white furniture, because I’m not a white furniture kind of a girl. Neither does he. He has two boys and a dog, all right? And really? We’re full-sized humans. We don’t share chairs. But do you know what? I love to sit down with him. I love to get a good laugh on. I love that we can talk over the life parts and laugh about the laughable parts and breathe through the un-laughable parts and Be There, beside each other for all the parts. Even if we live many states away (which we sometimes do, but not right now). He grew up to be a clever guy, a terrific husband, a great dad, a hard worker, a willing and eager server, and a good all-around support. He Deals. With a great many things which are not my stories to tell, but include exciting parts and funny parts and really, really hard parts. And he does it with his own kind of joy. That kind, see above. The kind that makes you laugh your heart out with your mouth full of something delicious.

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