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March 9, 2014

Sweet News

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So my Kid 2 is pretty awesome. This is not a surprise to anyone who knows her, or who’s hung around much here. But this week, she even surprised me. See, there’s this club at school, FBLA (which stands for Future Business Leaders of America, as you may know), that she joined in the fall because they had pizza parties and being a member looks good on a resume and a college application. Last week there was a state FBLA competition, and she told me a month ago that she wanted to compete.

I wasn’t sure how much this had to do with the opportunity to compete in a state event and how much it had to do with the opportunity to go away for a few days and stay in a hotel with a room full of friends (but I could guess).

So she made a Public Service Announcement. And she took some exams and she did a few tests at the state competition. And she laughed about the tests on Economics, since she’s never, ever studied anything much related to economics. And she said, “My commercial went pretty well,” about her PSA and presentation. And then her PSA won first place. In the state. Out of all the kids who have made an ad for the competition.

First place.

Want to see it?

The Award-Winning PSA

(Just click on that link. Then type in “katie” as the password. Because [spoiler] Kid 2’s name is Katie.)

(She’s the one on her phone when the starting gun fires.)

(She’s cute, right?)

She wrote, directed, casted, and edited that piece. She chose the music, and she made it happen. Her dad helped by filming, and taught her the editing program (and exercised a lot of patience). We’re all kinds of proud of her around here.

February 18, 2012

Who Am I? Who Are You?

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Look at this cool thing I am a little part of.

A bunch of us [1] (bloggers, writers, thinkers, people, Mormons) we put some words together. Some funny words. Some sad words. Some thoughtful words. Words that we use to describe ourselves. To explain ourselves. To share who we are.

Telling, sharing, explaining who we are can be a crazy-difficult undertaking. But when we do it together, people can see sides of us, facets, that we didn’t even know how to show. So if you’re interested, you can pick up our words.┬áRight over there, to the left, there’s a Paypal button. That button is the Official Early Order one – where you can get 30% off the after-March-10th price (which will be $15, I’m pretty sure.) [2]

[1] Contributors, in the order DeNae has us listed on her website: Melanie Jacobson, Luisa Perkins, (me), Ken Craig, Annette Lyon, DeNae Handy, Debbie Frampton, Jana Parkin, Karen Burton, Patrick Livingston, Stephanie Sorensen, Cari Banning, Christopher Clark, Josh Bingham, Michelle Budge and Gideon Burton. Some of these are my Very Good Friends. And I hope the rest are about to be.

[2]Obviously I did some words, and then left the technical, the artistic, and the business parts of this up to those more qualified.

July 11, 2011

Things to be happy about today

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* Rainshowers likely. I love rain in the summer.

* A little stalk of bamboo growing in a half-pint jam jar on the kitchen table.

* All my fingernails are the same length.

* Started reading the beginning of the work-in-progress. Maybe it doesn’t completely fail.

* Road trip yesterday got us more than half-way through Adam Gidwitz’s “A Tale Dark and Grimm.” Husband asked last night, “How does it end?”

* It’s lawnmowing day (provided I can navigate the rainshowers, which are, as you recall, likely).

* S told me she saw someone reading my book, and she said she liked it.

* There’s a watermelon on the counter. I think there should always be a watermelon on the counter, don’t you?

* Kid 2 said (of her own free will and volition) “I need to practice today.” (*insert angels’ sighs*)

* Poetry is cool, even if I am not entirely cool. Or even if I don’t really get it the first few times through.

* The dishwasher is not currently spewing water over the kitchen floor.

* I have 2 DVDs of North and South, which I have not taken the time to watch yet. Maybe during that rainshower we’ve heard so much about…

* I’m in a collaborative project. Perhaps details will follow.

* Birds. Lots of birds.

* I don’t have any pets, and my house smells like — wait for it — people.

* Between Kid 2’s X-country run this morning and Kid 1’s Shake-making work this evening, I have all my Kids home with me for HOURS today.

September 8, 2009

We’re In This Together

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Oooh. Yesterday morning I woke early-early and worked on a story for/with a friend. It’s sort of a collaboration thing. She has a great historical nugget, and I put it in my words. If I do say so my own self, it is beautiful.

We have some kinks to work out, and some details to process (kind of like any time anyone writes anything) and it’s different doing it together. There are some details that I think should be different, but we’ll work it out.
I read it out loud to Husband when he got home from morning basketball, and I choked up a little. That is something that I don’t do every day. Especially about words I wrote myself. Isn’t that fun?
So, the thing is that collaboration can work. And I am excited to do it, especially with this brilliant friend who has such an ear for a perfect story. I’ll keep you in the loop…

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