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July 19, 2011

Belle’s Bookshelf “When You Reach Me”

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I know. You’ve waited long enough. Here is the latest installment of Belle’s Bookshelf, done by my Kid 3, now 10 years old.

I have recently read a book that was way better than I expected. It is called “When You Reach Me” written by the master of resolving: Rebecca Stead. My Amazing Mother gave me this book for my birthday in June and handed it to me and said “Just read it.” So now I’m handing it to you and saying “Just read it.” Thanks, Mom.

This book is a challenge to write a review on, so I won’t tell you much, so I don’t spoil it. The main character’s name is Miranda, a strong-hearted, calm, city girl with a single mother, who, in the beginning, gets accepted onto a game show, The $20,000 Pyramid. Miranda faces many challenges that most others will not face. It deals with friendship, race relations, families, money, winning and losing, and forgiveness.

This book has adventure, humor, heartbreak, puzzles, happiness, and most of all, lots of resolving – every point in the story (even the naked man running down Broadway) comes to a resolution. To prove my point of amazingness, this book recieved 21 honors, including the Newbery Medal.

You can check it out from your library, but after you read it, you’re going to want to buy it.

  • 195 pages, published by Yearling/Random House
  • Perfect for ages 8 and up, depending on maturity (mention of the naked man might make some kids uncomfortable)
  • Could be a good read-aloud, but I want to hold it in my hands while I read it.

May 14, 2011

Guest Posting – Belle’s Bookshelf

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Welcome to a new feature around here. I’d like to introduce you to my Kid 3, who has decided to jump into the world of Book Blogging. She’ll be known as Belle, and she’s a hungry reader. She’s nine (but only for a month) and she devours books of all kinds. So she’d like to blog, but I’d like to obey the law. I’m funny that way. Blogger wants you to be 13 before you get an account. So for the next three years and a month, we will welcome Belle’s Bookshelf as a regular feature around here.

Fun, right?

Here is her review (unabridged and unedited) for Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid.

Are you Rick Riordan fans looking for a new book of his? Well, here is a fantasy book that you will not be able to put down: The Red Pyramid. (Believe me, I know. I tried.) . Carter and Sadie Kane are siblings who are a part of the battle of the Egyptian Gods. They find lots of secrets and lose lots of Newly and Not so Newly made made acquaintances. They have nail-biting adventures that The Readers will never imagine. The Egyptian Gods have found a way into their heads. Sadie has a Not-So-Loyal goddess in her head named Isis. Sadie loves Bubble Gum, and she has a pet cat named Muffin. Carter is a brave guy who doesn’t have many friends because he travels the globe with his dad. The god who is in his head is named Horus. Carter and Sadie get to travel all over the world, in Paris, London, Manhattan, Phoenix, And all over Egypt. (Momentary Jealousy!) I would give this fine piece of workmanship an A-, Because Sadie has some mild language.

* 514 pages long, published in 2010 by Disney*Hyperion.

* I suggest it would be best for ages 10 and up, because of scary parts and some violence.

* This book can easily be read aloud.

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