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July 29, 2012

Such Happy News

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Guys, listen.

Remember Bright Blue Miracle? And how I love that book? And how it was my first really, really published book? And how I love that book? And how it sold lots of copies, but not quite enough? And how, after a year, it became one of the Out of Print? And how I still love it inside my heart, even if it feels like the squinty-eyed, red-headed stepchild of the published-book world? Remember?


I got a letter (in the MAIL!) from the nice folks at Shadow Mountain publishers this weekend. They are very happy to tell me that BBM will be again commercially available to those of us who like books with pages (vs pixels — it’s been selling as an ebook all this time). ISN’T THAT HAPPY NEWS?

Well, I think it is. And if you’re interested, here is the link to a website where you can purchase one of your very own. Or, you know, two.

Is this all news to you? Are you unaware that BBM exists? Well, then. Here is a very short (off-the-cuff) blurb: Marriage changes everything. At least it does when Leigh’s mom marries Paul — and brings along his perfect daughter Betsy to misalign all that was finally right in Leigh’s life. Some laughs, some tears, some ice cream… and a love triangle. It’s all here. [1] (Contemporary YA. With squeaky-clean romance elements and at least one Really Great Kissing Scene.) (Also available from Amazon, with some great reviews, here.)

Is it any surprise to you that self-promo is not my greatest human strength? But guys, I do love this book. Really and truly and gladly. So I wanted you to share a second of my happy news.

Because, you know. I like you, too.

[1] I know. Just call me when you need a completely thoughtless write-up of a book you spent years writing. I can only do as much for you. 🙂

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