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December 5, 2017


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My school desk is a mess. There are fourteen piles of papers on it. And I need all of them to stay there so I can see them: The pile of stuff kids throw on the desk to grade (late) and the pile of common assessments I need to write (large) and the pule of my phone (many messages) and the little test-ish things I need to put on the calendar (oh, many) and the note to myself about the parent emails I need to send from today (only 5) and the calendar math I’m doing over there (yikes) and the grammar pile and the someone-else’s calendar information pile and the stack of 5 packs of sticky notes (that’s the part I actually love because sticky notes make me happy).

And that’s just the desk in the classroom. We shall never actually speak of the desk in my office because *shudder.*

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