Monthly Archives: October 2014

One Way?

I’m looking at a picture of a One-Way road sign. And I’m pondering. If a road actually only went one way, would someone really have to post a sign to say so? By definition, if the sign is there, it’s possible to go the other way. So why do we follow the sign? Why do […]

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I Wish I’d Never (a short list)

* I wish I’d never quit piano lessons. This is showing itself in a near-daily battle with the 13-year-old over practicing. She wants to quit, and I don’t want her to have this same regret. So we grumble at each other over the dusty little spinet. * I wish I’d never said mean things about […]

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Benefit of the Doubt

I always feel better when I give the benefit of the doubt. Whether I’m assuming that someone didn’t mean offense when offense is in the air, or that kids will be honest when given a chance to be, it always feels better to assume the best about people. So why, so often, do I not […]

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