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November 9, 2013

My Boy

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The sunlight slides down-and-across the wall.
Partly reclined, I sit propped against four pillows
(one too hard, one too soft, one flat as paper,
and one Just Right)
writing notes on Whitman and Miss Emily Dickinson.

He comes in, grinning and waving,
and crawls in beside me,
bed-warm toes against my leg,
reading the words appearing on the screen.
Pointing out my typing errors.
Patiently waiting to tell me about building rockets in fourth grade.

When did I slip my left arm around him?
When did I let go the keypad?
Did I give him all my attention without even

He stays. I type one-fingered.
It takes longer, we both notice.

So he places his left hand on the left-side keys,
fingers curved in perfect form,
and taps out the As, the Ts, the Es in each word
as I handle all the right-side rest.

This moment, with my boy in my arm and our
tousled morning-heads touching, our
hands neighborly on the keypad,
laughing at our spelling errors and our fumbled
at written communication …
this moment is one I want to hold


November 6, 2013


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I know. Life is happening.
And I want you to know that I’ve noticed
That even though you’re managing to do all the things
You have to do, that you’re not doing any of them
Particularly well.

I’ve noticed, and everyone else has noticed, too.

And we’re all surviving the fact.

These 242 words are the most you’ve typed in
A Very Long TIme.

We’ve noticed that collectively, your sophomores
Get a great deal of time and attention,
Even though personally, they’d benefit from
Some kind of time-twisting that would allow you to
Really (deeply) communicate with each of them.
Wanting to is a start, but honestly? Not a huge one.

Your house is straightened, though dingy,
And clothes are generally clean,
For which you are allowed to feel generally

We’ve all noticed that dinners are, well, lame
And there’s a startling lack of fresh leafy greens
(And variety).
But, hey, salad and variety are overrated
And nobody’s starving around here.

Noted: You hugged EVERY SINGLE ONE
Of your family members last night before you slept.
You  bought the best kind of fruit snacks
Which makes up for some other parts of Lame Bagged Lunch.
You read the assigned book instead of skimming it for the
Nebulous answers Professor Doctor Former Runningback
Is searching for.

We’ve all noticed that it’s not glorious.
And it’s still okay. Carry on. We’ll keep noticing
The parts that work
And working on the parts that don’t.

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