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Pet Peeves, and How I Admit to Having Some

I have an astonishing lack of pet peeves. Or peeves in general, I think, which is what adds so solidly to my sunny disposition and general good nature.   I’m being serious.   I understand peeves, I do. Because I have a couple. But they’re small ones. And I rarely get teeth-baringly freaked out about […]

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Brave New World and Stuff

So my Kid 2, who is fifteen and VERY good at it, asked me yesterday a question she asks on a fairly regular basis, but with more than usual desire for an answer. K2: What did you do without the internet? I mean, when you needed to know something. Me: Read a book. K2: I’m […]

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Annnnd, it’s been another week!

Another? Oh, all right then.

Hi, kids. I’m still here. Life is happening. And we love life when it happens. Les Miserables opened at my Kids’ high school last night. Remember that my Kid 1 played Eponine, the world’s best role for a teenage girl?[1] It was awesome. (Unless you didn’t wanted to hear the orchestra director counting through his […]

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I read Sense and Sensibility again last week, one of the very few books that I love, but like a film version better. (The Emma Thompson / Hugh Grant / Kate Winslet / Alan Rickman version. I love it with a huge, huge piece of my heart, and the music in it makes me glad.) […]

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Truly Bad Poetry (Mine)

  –It Kind of Rhymes– Yesterday was a sick day. That’s not very nice. I lay in bed all day long Not even eating rice. Ice cream sounded painful, Cookies are a crock. I’d pay someone some money To bash in my head with a rock. –Sub Haiku– Taught first grade today. How many tears […]

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