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December 5, 2011

Good morning. Ten things:

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… And it’s a balmy Seven Degrees here in the Frozen Mountaintops. Frozen nose and fingers. From taking the garbage to the curb. It’s not that far away.

… Started reading the first Stephen King book (fiction, that is – I read ON WRITING and was thrilled) in more than twenty years this weekend. It’s creepy, I tell you what. (It’s the 11/22/63 one about the Kennedy assassination. And I’m scared. The man can tell a story.)

… Kids 3 (10.5) and 4 (very nearly eight) played Catchphrase yesterday afternoon while I was making Lemon Pound Cake. They were so funny. I wish you could have been a fly on the wall, because not much of it translates to blog. They speak their own language, frequently referencing platypus love, obscure MONK tv episodes, and pineapple. They’re cute. You can trust me on that.

… Amazon, get ready. I’m coming back today, armed with a credit card.

… Shopping is almost done. See above.

… Got the lights and decorations on the tree, and candles in the windows. I should take a picture. It looks precious. And I mean that with all the sincerity I can possibly muster. Truly.

… I love the little kids I work with at church. All 80 of them. They are adorable and hilarious.

… Scotch Tape, where have you gone? I mean it. Where are you?

… We sang Christmas songs in church yesterday, and it flipped a switch in me. Suddenly and without warning, I committed to singing in the Messiah Sing-In choir next weekend. The rehearsal last night brought some “who-do-you-think-you-are” eyebrows at our late join-up, but the music makes me crazy happy. To be alive. To worship Jesus. To sing alto. To repeat “we like sheep” until I have to actually put my hand over my mouth to suppress the “baaaaaa” noise. To want to dig deep into Isaiah and understand the Mysteries. Happy, happy.

… Hope is a thing with feathers, Emily Dickinson said. I love to see some feathers fluttering around here.


  1. If I had been a motivated enough blogger, Amazon and their free two day shipping would have been at the top of things I’m grateful for. Christmas for my kids is done, minus some stocking stuffers, and I love love love getting packages of all shapes and sizes in the mail and on my doorstep.

    And oh, how I wish I could come do Messiah with you. I have dodged it all the years I have been here, mostly because of my propensity to have newborn babies in December. This year I thought was my year. Until my husband got on a plane today to visit several exotic locations in Europe (no, I’m not kidding,) leaving me here sans childcare for the nights of the Messiah. And all other nights for the next week. Sigh.

    Comment by Stacy — December 5, 2011 @ 8:38 pm

  2. Singing at Christmas times does a little flip in my heart. I know I’m not a good singer but during December, it’s like a part of me forgets that and just sings anyway. And instead of worrying about pitch or tone or anything, I just let it pass through my heart. I’m glad you’re singing.

    7 freaking degrees?! I send my condolences!

    Alas, my kids steal our scotch tape. Rolls and rolls. *sigh* But maybe someday they’ll look back and realize that while mommy might have lost her mind over it, they were able to create and create.

    Comment by L.T. Elliot — December 7, 2011 @ 4:41 pm

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