All the Stuff (today)

* Update: Many thousands of new words. No new terrors transferred to the Boy. (*sigh of relief*)

* Summer is upon us. At least, school is out. The weather is acting exactly like Spring, which pleases me as long as I see the sun shining now and then. Which I do. So, I’m pleased.

* It appears to be the year to dig up my bulbs. They are crowded. And I think they’ve sunk since I planted them. Because who in her right mind would have planted tulips and daffodils 18 inches belowground? Nobody. That’s who.

* Which brings up the slave-labor plan. Kids up and out of the house by 8:00, gloved and weeding. They are sick to death of the sight of bulbs. Alas, there are many, many beds to go before they’ve seen the end.

* Kid 2 is running cross country. It’s awesome. She’s seeing weekly improvements, and I am terribly, terribly proud of her. She’s keeping track of all her runs and it makes me giddy that she decided to do this without any nudging from me or her dad. Yea for self-motivators.

* I finished our production of Oliver! this weekend. It turned out just great. I had my doubts right up to the first performance – which is pretty  normal, I guess, but I was nervous that I had told anyone to come see the show. Aside from the poltergeist in the lights/wiring, and some significant microphone trouble, all went fine. I remembered all my lines, and sang the right words to all my songs. (*whew*) I played Nancy, which is a great role, and I recommend it if you get a chance to play her. Also my picture was in the newspaper (without the false eyelashes, which I will no longer wear because of the unfortunate eyelid-swelling side effects) and I only looked 40% weirder than normal. Also my costume was fantastic.

* You know how sometimes you pray for something and then you get it? I love it when that happens.

* Kid 1 is an excellent shake-maker. If you find yourselves in my part of the mountaintops, stop in her burger-and-shake joint for a taste. She’ll offer you food with a smile, I promise.

* Baby birds – four of them – are living in the nest in our wonky pine tree (the one that must be related to a saguaro cactus). They are so cute, but their mama is not amused by the man taking many photos of her babies. I, however, am amused. A lot.

* So far, Kids 3 and 4 have practiced the piano every weekday of summer vacation, without argument. That’s almost a miracle, isn’t it?

* I have started reading a book that I am so very much adoring that I wish I had nothing planned at all and I could just sit on a chair and read and grin. Oh, to write something grin-inducing like this. (Details to follow, don’tchaknow.)

Pat Martinez - Becca!! Congrats on the stellar performance. How do I know? Because I know you.
What are you doing with all the bulbs? Redistributing?
How dare you mention a fabulous book without the title.
Dropped in to see how you are….June 14, 2011 – 7:06 pm

Stacy - I would really, really love a banana cream pie milkshake right about now. They might be one of my favorite things ever.June 14, 2011 – 7:32 pm

Brittany Larsen - Hi Becca – My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions was grin-inducing for me-but I would love to know what you were reading while grinning.
I also like your blog. Good luck with your bulbs. I have similar plans for my offspring next week when the FINALLY are out of school.June 15, 2011 – 1:43 pm