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February 28, 2011


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It’s Monday Again.

Aah. Awesome weekend.
No blogs, email, news, or web.
Unplugging is good.

Here are some fun things that happened this weekend:

Cute cousins came for dinner. All ate and were filled. And there was much rejoicing. Kid 4 changed his shirt so he could match Justin, who is beyond all the coolness imaginable.

Saturday morning was a feast of good talks and great company.

One word: Jimmer. (*love*)

High school 3A State basketball champions, two years in a row. “Go, Angry Bugs!” (The quote, as well as the !, are Kid 1’s. The team is really Wasps. I know.) It was fun to go to the stadium and cheer with the rest of the town.

I can do more things at a time than I generally think I can do. I learned this over again, but would be happy to unlearn it any time.

R & B (the people, not the music) came for dessert last night. I made banana cream pie. I even ate a half-slice. And oh, yeah. It was luscious.

I’m working my way through (reading) 3 different books right now, and none of them will be finished to make the “Books read in February” list that I’m planning to post tomorrow.

My new MC in my current project is a low-maintenance young woman, and doesn’t seem to get in a snit if I ignore her for a weekend. That is extremely good news, since my weekends are more full of pie than writing, apparently.

The Rest of Today

Job interview now.
Gonna be a sub teacher,
When I feel the urge.

February 24, 2011

What am I doing?

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No, really, what AM I doing?

I feel a little silly even writing a post like this, because, really, who cares? But some people have been asking. So that means someone cares. If it isn’t you, feel free to go get yourself an apple or a cupcake. I’ll promise not to be offended.

But here’s what’s happening.

I am seeking agency representation for my early-chapter reader series. That involves a lot of hair-pulling and self-doubt, a lot of Chex mix, and quite a bit more polite rejection than I would care to discuss.

I am working on a book that I outlined (*gasp*) several years ago on a trip to Maine. I know. Outlining. Who knew? But when I started the book, I wrote it in the fashion of Shannon Hale’s Goose Girl. Which is a wonderful, lovely book that I find time to read every couple of years, because I love it so. However, I don’t actually write like that. So I had some heavy feedback* on the first section and realized that I couldn’t do it. (Do you hear that negative talk? Do you? I do.) And then I tucked it into a folder (picture me kissing it goodnight, wedging a bedsheet under its little bum, turning off the light and running away, possibly forever) and ignored it for years.

I recently decided to come back to it, to try to write it in my voice, and to give it another shot. Which I am doing. In my voice. With dashes of sarcasm and irony and food and comedy. But the weirdest thing is that it’s fantasy-ish. Like, the kind of fantasy-ish book that I don’t really write. Until now. So hang on, and I’ll let you know if there’s anything to report. (Fantasy that does not include dwarves {dwarfs?} or swords or dragons, I’m just clarifying.)

Also, Monday I have a job interview. With the Substitute teaching people. So I can work once in a while, on days that I may feel like it. Because I can’t help thinking that it’s a good idea, now that all the Kids are in school all day anyway. I’m strangely excited about it. And I’ll probably need to get some wardrobe, seeing as I wear jeans almost every day in my ordinary life**. Hm. I wonder how much that wardrobe “need” influenced my subbing choice?

And I get to “help with a wedding reception” next week, which as we all know is just code for “gather with blog friends”. Bring it.

And then there’s my first cub scout event since my 35-year-old brother was a cub scout. I can’t imagine it’s worth the nightmares I’ve been nurturing. It will be AWESOME. I mean it.

So, there you have it. Writing, reading (I have a long list of February books for you), Momming, and all that jazz.

*There’s a post lurking here about deciding whose opinions will rule your life.

**Not including the hours between 8 pm and oh, let’s say 11 am, when I’m in yoga sweats.

February 23, 2011

What’s not to Love?

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Here are things I love this week:

No-school Mondays

Fabric Softener

The Harlem Globetrotters

Making lists

Wilkie Collins

Vacuum lines in the carpet

Chex Mix

Jessica Day George

Surprise phone calls

New shoes


Red Robin onion rings


Sunflower bread

Other people’s babies

Cotton socks

My new rosemary plant

Cripps Pink apples

Menu planning

Afternoon sunshine

Coming to grips with my lack of Hipster vibe

Functioning dishwasher

Cute boy haircuts


Reading out loud

Family photos

February 21, 2011

It’s The Merry Cemetery

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Merry Cemetery

I think we’ve established that I have the world’s cutest nieces and nephews, right? Well, my oldest niece, J, is spending this semester in Romania. And she’s taking the country by storm, natch. She sends me (and everyone) a weekly email detailing her adventures, and I wanted to show you this. She said I could.  Here’s what she said about it. “The Merry Cemetery is an old graveyard in Săpânță. The headstone artist painted each headstone bright blue and wrote a poem about the person’s life. He aimed to celebrate the deceased person’s life rather than mourning their death.” Can you see those headstones? They feel like the most joyful pottery dishes.

I want one.

I want someone to think that way about me after I die – to celebrate something bright and joyful and beautiful.

February 17, 2011

Those Days

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You know those days where you feel like a change really needs to happen,
and so you wait for it to happen,
and you think that if you just wait it out, the change will come?

And then you get cranky because you’re really not that good at waiting,
and so you start talking about the change,
because you think that if you talk it out, the change will come?

And then you think about the change some more, and you see what a great change it would be,
and you ponder the change,
because Sending Out the Positive Thoughts is all the rage, and surely the change will come?

And then you think that someone really ought to get on this thing, making this change,
So you whine about it for a while,
because then everyone will get the hint and make it easy for the change to come?

And then you eat something?

And then you take a nap?

And then, you know that moment when the realization hits
that it’s nobody’s change but yours,
and that if you really want the change, well then, for the love, it’s time for you to make it come?

I know those days, too.

February 16, 2011

It’s Like She’s Trying to Talk to Me.

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My Kid 1 is in another show. She’s a star.

*sigh of contentment and proud-ness*

And in this show, Kid 1 plays a tap-dancer from — wait for it — Centerville, Utah, who shows up in NYC ready to storm 1930s Broadway. The show is called Dames at Sea, and there is much cheese and adorability.

And now, in my house, much strange language. Which I will now attempt to put into Haiku form. Like this.

Hop. Step-ball-change. Brush.
Shuffle off to Buffalo.
Step, scuffle, riff, slap.

thanks, Google Images. Those are the world's cutest tap shoes. I think I want some.

Does it make you rethink your career choice, or is that just me?

February 15, 2011

Good Parenting Moment

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I had one. I know. It’s amazing because it’s so very, very rare.

Last night I did the Valentine’s dinner, with a little something that was each person’s favorite. That by no means should be misinterpreted to say that everyone liked everything on the table. But everyone ate. And everyone loves stuffed mushrooms. Isn’t that funny?

So while Kids and Husband cleaned up dinner, I snuck upstairs and finished up the object lesson for Family Night. Which went a little something like this.

I put 5 wrapped gifts on the ottoman that serves as coffee table/laundry central. They all had the same wrapping paper (plain white – who knew such a thing was possible?) and a different ribbon (so I could remember what was inside). Then I told everyone to pick one. To pick THE BEST one for them.

Grabbery ensued.

Not really. They all picked until there was only one left, which Kid 4 gave to Husband. Then I asked them how they chose. One kid said that this bow was the best color. So I said, “Good. You chose based on appearance. Okay.” Which made her glance around with a perfect, guilty look on her face. Someone else said, “This one is the one everyone would have chosen if I hadn’t chosen it first.” And I said, “Good. You chose what would make everyone else jealous.” Then, “This one was closest to me.” Which I loved, because it let me say, “Oh, great. I’m glad you didn’t have to do any work for yours.” Husband said, “I didn’t choose.” “Okay. Complacency. Excellent.”

Within two minutes I had them all rethinking their choice.


Then I said, “What kind of information would make you sure your choice was right? What if I told you that one of these things cost very little money? One I had to go a specific place to find. One, I searched and searched for. One I could get anywhere. One of these things wouldn’t do most of you any good.” But I didn’t tell them which. I let them sweat for another few minutes. It was great to see them worried about their decision.

Then I brought it home. I told them that Heavenly Father wants to give them gifts. He has gifts for them, and knows what is best. He’s ready to tell them which gifts are best for them if they’re willing to listen.

Then I asked Kid 3 if she would pass her gift over to Kid 1. She did, and was left empty-handed for a minute. I said maybe three more thoughtful things about the Lord’s good gifts (including the part about how sometimes it may feel like everyone has a gift but you, and you need to trust that there is enough to go around) and then orchestrated the hand-off. Everyone was left holding the proper gift, I told them again that God wants to give them the gifts that are right for each of them right now, and let them open their Valentine’s presents.

And there was much rejoicing.

Hey, it doesn’t happen often*, but when it works, we rejoice.

*Clarification: Family Night happens often. Every Monday night. Successful object lessons? Much harder to come by.

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day Menu

There will be shrimp, stuffed
mushrooms, lemonade, salad,
Chocolate cake. Love’s grand.

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