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October 29, 2009

How About THIS?

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A teacher, stressed out with school, his band, and the community theater play he’s got a huge role in, invites an EMT to do a presentation in his class. On the very day the EMT is presenting, the teacher has an actual heart attack during class. IN school. In front of his students. The kind where his body thoroughly shuts down. The EMT springs into action, does all his mighty First Responder business, saves the teacher’s life, keeps a classroom full of worried high schoolers calm until the ambulance carries their teacher away.

How’s that for the Hand of the Lord in that man’s life?
He may not be actively invited in, but God is in our schools, and I am grateful.

October 27, 2009

Help! Help!

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Okay, it’s not like this is an emergency. I don’t need anyone’s kidney. Just really great ideas for yearbook themes.

My WIP needs a terrific yearbook theme, and I’ve got nothing. If you leave me theme ideas, the greatest one will be in my book, and will even be the title (*gasp*) if it rocks my socks. And also the contributor who sends this remarkable theme will win something, um, great. Which will be determined at some point after the sun comes out. Which I am sure it will do eventually, even though it is very dark and howly right now.
Okay, blog-friends — Yearbook Theme away!
Oh, and thanks. You know, for all your help.

October 26, 2009

"What Are They DOING?"

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Last night, after a few family board games, Husband and I snuck into the office* so he could show me some photos he’s been working on. Have I mentioned that he’s brilliant, photo-wise? He also started blogging **recently, but it’s mostly pretty, pretty photos (the words come, too, though). Anyway, so the Kids were playing Christmas music on the iPod and dancing around the family room. Vigorously.

Very vigorously.
After a few minutes I wandered into the kitchen to pack lunches for today, and the dancing had morphed into an impossible-to-describe game of “leap over the rolling logs” at which point, Husband came through and whispered to me, “What are they DOING?”
I shook my head, shrugged my shoulders, and said, “I think they’re exercising. But be quiet, they don’t know it.” The game continued until I started reading them “Midnight Magic” by Avi, at which point they all lay their sweaty selves on the floor and drew illustrations of the castello.
To my sistas of the small children, who feel discouraged by the daily-daily: This Too Shall Pass. It gets easier. And it’s really a whole lot of fun.

*It wasn’t quite as romantic as it sounds.
**Scroll down for some cuteness of our own.

October 25, 2009

Busy Time

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I love, love it when there’s nothing to do.

Sometimes I get a paralyzing, breath-constricting, sleep-stealing anxiety when there is too much going on. Like now. Somehow I thought that spending the past hour writing it all down would calm me. If I could get it on a schedule, I reasoned, it would all seem more do-able.
Now it looks like even more. And some of it is really important. Some of it is necessary — a commitment. Some of it is delegate-able. And it will all happen. Somehow, over the next three weeks, it will all shake out and get done and be fine.
And I’ll remember how to breathe.

October 23, 2009

Mama Train

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For more than fourteen years, I have considered my job as an exercise in futility. The job? Motherhood. The futility? Everything I do today must be redone tomorrow, and nobody notices a single thing I do… unless I don’t do it. Over and over and over.

Do you know this feeling? The second the laundry is folded, someone throws up in his sheets. The minute dinner is cleared and dishes done, someone is STARVING. As soon as the kitchen is swept, along comes King Kong, stomping on the Cheerios he just poured onto the pantry floor. Ah, Baby is finally sleeping… just as Toddler throws herself off the edge of my bed and requires stitches. Vacuum? Why bother? That sweet mommy-voice I’ve tried to cultivate? Doesn’t get the job done. If I start the bartering process with a shout and a throbbing vein, chances are good I’ll end it faster.
What’s the point, right? So I skip the vacuumming. And the carpet turns to velcro instantly. So I take a break from laundry, and suddenly everyone is naked and IT’S ALL MY FAULT. Don’t feel like making dinner? Or lunch? Or that hot breakfast? “Hello, this is Child Protective Services, we need to have a talk*.”
But a funny thing is happening around here.
I hesitate to confess, but I’m among friends, right? So huddle up. Shh. Here it is. I think it’s getting easier.
The work still must be done, and done every day. But if I don’t want to switch the wet laundry out of the dryer because I’m up to my elbows in pie crust, I can ask any one of four talented and capable kids to do it for me. And chances are, it will happen. Before said wet laundry grows fur. I can still spend 3 hours making a meal that will be a memory in seven minutes, but I WILL hear at least 3 people say “Thank you” for it. Does that make the meal taste better? You better believe it. I still have to sit next to the piano for many hours of practicing every week, but somehow, my urge to strangle Kids into proper hand position ebbs.
I’ve spent** far too many hours of my life waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because, hey – if it’s going to drop, it’s under the control of gravity, and there’s very little I can do about it. So I choose to ride this train. I have fairly healthy, relatively happy kids who like each other. This is what most parents crave. Pray for. Work toward. And I should, can, will enjoy it, for as long as it lasts.

*Please don’t worry. This is a hypothetical phone call. Plus, we have Caller ID, so I just wouldn’t answer that one.
**Translation: Wasted

October 22, 2009

Another Day, Another School

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You know how some people are insufferable about telling you how cute their kids are? I just want you all to know I’m refraining.

I’m meeting with the “Young Authors’ Club” at Kid 1’s high school today. Kid 1 is not involved. She thinks writing anything longer than a Facebook status update is akin to torture. But there are a couple of her friends, and at least one very cute boy involved, so she may come. I’m not sure what we’re talking about, but that totally works for me. They can ask questions and we can talk about writing. For a while. Or we can talk about food. Because I just made the yummiest. It’s like apple pie, but a cookie bar. There is goodness all around. Or we can talk about clothes, but I don’t know much there. Or we can talk about the playoffs (but only for a minute, because I think baseball is boring unless I actually know a player) but for all I know, that could be over. But basketball’s starting, and there’s always my fictional boyfriend Kyle Korver… so maybe we shouldn’t talk sports at all.
But whatever we decide to talk about, there will be a few laughs, even if I have to purchase them with vomit stories. Because if I know one thing, it is that kids who laugh with you will be fans, at least for a minute. And if I know one other thing, it’s that vomit stories make most kids laugh.

October 21, 2009

Yea for Visiting!

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Last week I talked to Mrs. Hall’s 4th grade class about all things authory. We had a pretty good time, if I do say so myself. They had good questions and great ideas.

One thing we talked about was goal setting. How we can get a real sense of accomplishment from setting, monitoring, measuring and achieving realistic and important goals. We talked about how a daily writing goal can give me a reason to say, “Yea, Me!” and how that’s an amazing part of life. I told them that I hope they all have something to say “Yea, Me!” about every day.

Today I got a large (poser-sized) thank-you letter from Mrs. Hall’s class, and tucked inside were “Yea, Me!” notes from the kids in her class. They said things like, “Yea, Me! I am awesome at soccer.” “Yea me – I am good at math” “Yea for me! I can make songs rhyme!” “Yay me! I can read! I can write! I learned to tread water!” “I am awesome at getting my math done” “Yea me! I won my football game 21 to 0” and “Yes Me! I am a beast at soccer!”*

They also recommend chocolate instead of popcorn for curing my rejection dejection. I’ll take it under advisement.

I am so glad for great teachers who work to make learning fun for their kids. Yea, Mrs. Hall!

*There was one that said “Yay me! I lick my life” – but we’re all going to remember how much editing I need and not make a comment about that one.


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After reading a couple hundred of those books, you know, hypothetically speaking, you start to see that there’s not that much difference between a romance and an epic fantasy. You’ve got your quest, sometimes involving a ring, and your hero who will stop at nothing to do what he has to.”

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