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August 31, 2009


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This weekend, Husband and I met with many siblings for an end-of-summer group date. Along came Adorable Nephew and Adorable Nephew’s Adorable Girlfriend. Upon seeing a copy of my book at my parent’s house, Adorable Girlfriend said:

Oh, my Mom read that. My mom will read anything.
There was a whole lot of laughing right then. Along with a little stammering for an apology. But mostly laughing.

August 27, 2009

I Am At War

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The war cannot go unfought. I must eradicate the enemy, as it lurks, smooth and heavy, waving, taunting. I must destroy. This is war.

That may be a little strong. But this is going to be a fight. I am in a battle, anyway.

The enemy? Arm flab.
Eww. It causes my cool-mama casual waves to turn into overeager jiggle-fests. It makes clothes that fit nicely everywhere else look strained and unattractive. Even my healthy tan can’t hide the fact of soggy triceps. So, to battle.
The battle plan: at least fifteen minutes of “weight lifting” every morning. I know (because I read, not because I have ever entered a gym) that serious weight lifters need a day off between workouts. I have no intention of being a serious weight lifter. I am indeed not serious about much of anything. But I do own a pair of medium-small hand weights, one of those stretchy plastic band thingies, and a mostly-inflated yoga ball. So I put on the morning news, count repeatedly to sixteen, and lift-curl-push-press my way to tone arms.
Until yesterday. When the free television stations caused me to want to lift the weight of my dinosaur TV and throw it out the window. I almost opted for public television en espanol. Because apparently there was no news in the ENTIRE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA other than that Mr. Ted Kennedy had passed away overnight.
Mr. Senator Kennedy. Bless his heart*. I admit, I didn’t try too hard, but I just could never make myself like that guy. In fact, I’m leaning toward the attitude that includes the words “world” and “better place” and “now that he’s gone”.
Call me calloused. Call me a freakish right-winger. Call me a mean, cold-hearted wench who would speak ill of the dead. But for heaven’s sake, something else must have happened somewhere in the states, or even the world, that could have distracted my brain for fifteen minutes of yesterday morning.
Instead, I counted to sixteen over and over and over and over and over as I watched a bearded guy plane a board**. In real time.
I know, I know. If I had any character at all, I would have turned off the noise and enjoyed the moment. I would have listened to the thoughts in my head. I would have meditated. I would have become one with the pink weights in my hands.
Surprise! No character here. But another day done with a few minutes spent on the battlefield. When success comes, I’ll let you know. I’ll be the one waving casually, with only my hand.
*This is NiceLady code for “I have no kind words” – it fits nicely in any sentence where your mother’s voice chants in your head “If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all.”
**As opposed to board a plane. Which might have been more interesting.

August 26, 2009

Kid 3

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Today we hiked a mountain to a cave, sweating and huffing along with the visiting cousins. Kid 3, upon standing at the edge of a cliff, said:

“I love nature. Until you fall off nature. That’s when you start swearing.”

August 24, 2009

Give me a Break

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Hey! I’m taking a little bloggy-break. My sister came into town, and we’re just having a delicious time sitting around and laughing at our kids (who are at this moment rehearsing their “Sunday School Musical” production – details to follow) and eating yummy food.

I’ll be back soon – hope you’re having fun, too!

August 21, 2009

New Here?

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Really, what is with my children?

We have company coming tomorrow (my Clean sister and her beautiful kids) and I’ve asked my kids to help clean up the house. Now let’s be fair. I’m doing the hard stuff. And the gross stuff. I’m merely asking them to do the (gasp) normal stuff that they should be doing every day anyway.
They seem very surprised. Are they new here? Why is it such a shocker for me to ask a little of them?
Cleaning bedrooms: hanging clothes on hangers, making sure drawers can close, exorcising under the beds, getting vacuum-ready, changing sheets.
Cleaning their bathroom: locating the counter, finding a home for the towels (alas, the note that made them laugh didn’t stay effective very long), wiping down the shower curtain, and the usual bathroom cleaning business.
Straightening the basement. Not too hard, since they’ve mostly outgrown playing with toys and dress-ups, so everything that’s been used lately has been used by small visitors.
And me? I have been working for 2 days, but still have to mow the lawn, clean the top of the fridge (it’s not her, it’s me), prepare the chicken parts I bought yesterday (cut off all the gooey parts and slice in filets), bake a birthday cake (did I mention that we’re going to Grandma’s Annual Summer Camp-out and Birthday Extravaganza tonight?) wrap 4 gifts, go to the grocery store for Hummus-dipping veggies (want my fantastic Hummus recipe?), vacuum the house (we have an unfortunate amount of wall-to-wall here), and clean my bathroom. Before 4:00.
What am I doing in front of the computer? Maybe I’m new here, too.

August 20, 2009

Body Image Alert!

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Okay, so everyone in the world must know this already, but not so much me.

So here it is:
If I feel crappy about me and sit and do nothing (except maybe eat a bag of caramel popcorn) I will continue to feel crappy and possibly even feel worse. Surprise!
But if I do a little goodness, like take a walk or jog, or eat something healthy instead of strawberry cheesecake ice cream, or lift weights, or do a little yoga* I feel better about me. Even if the pounds don’t go down, or the muscles don’t feel toned (which they usually do) I feel better.
Effort = (emotional) result.
Who knew? Oh, you knew? Well, now we all know.
*alone, not with company. I’m a giggler if anyone else is around.

August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kid 2!

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Kid 2 is twelve years old today. This photo is a year old, but she chose it to be posted here. I like it. Her dad took it, and they’re both pretty proud of it (as they very well should be). I learned a lot of really important things from my parenting experiences with Kid 2, especially in the first few years. Things that have been crucial to my parenting style, my ability to let things go, and my growing up.

Hey, Kid 2? Here’s what I know now. I know you are a brilliant light. You shine. I know you have a great capacity to understand things, in books, in hearts, in attitudes, in souls. I know you learn things, both in school and with your talents, easily – and that isn’t enough for you: you need to keep pushing. The easy rests there, while the deeper unfolds.
You care. You love. You laugh, and you make us laugh. I know you have a great respect for people and for things of the spirit. I know your heart holds joy and gladness and light, but also that it keeps sadness and criticism and disappointment, holding them there, too. I know that you could live happily on white bread, strawberry-cheesecake milkshakes, and Shannon Hale books. I know you have a sense of adventure, either in games, travel, food, or dreams. You have a great artistic talent, and I love to find your cartoons on scraps of paper in the kitchen, the office, my bedroom, the car….
I know your sweetness. I know your sensitivity. I know your drive. I know your insecurity. I know your musicality. I know your danciness. I know your smile. I know your laugh. I know your dreams and your goals and I know your beautiful heart.
Happy birthday, my sweet Kid 2. What a wonderful young woman you are!

Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy

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Last night I chaperoned Kid 1’s drama class “theatre retreat” to see a Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy concert. It was a little bit spectacular. Amazing to me how a cool-weather hill on a blanket in the grass can feel almost exactly how I imagine the Cotton Club, mid-1930s with Cab Calloway leading the band. With a lot of red lighting and a scatting white guy, I could have almost been there. If you have the means and the opportunity, I highly recommend taking yourself and the entire family to experience something different, clean, exciting, and totally transporting.

Also, they sang King Louie’s song from The Jungle Book. Which is fun.
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